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For Foreigners: Long Covid-19 (2/3)

1. Characteristics of Japanese Herbal Medicine
Japanese Herbal Medicine has been made on basis of “Syokanron,” which is a medical book that explains Cold Damage caused by pestilence. This book was written by an author: Cyocyuukei(in Japanese) at about 2000 years ago, and the major characteristics of this medical book is the classified medical treatment of pestilence.

Specifically speaking, it classifies Cold Damage caused by pestilence into six periods: Taiyoubyo, Syouyoubyo, Youmeibyo, Taiinbyo, Syouinbyo, Ketuinbyo, and which are the Japanese language. Specifically speaking, the former three periods belong to yang: positive periods and the latter three periods belong to yin: negative periods. Because these Japanese expressions may be difficult for foreigners, I symbolize these six periods as follows: Taiyoubyou is “P1”, Syouyoubyou is “P2”, and Youmeibyou is “P3”. In addition, Taiinbyou is “N1”, Syouinbyou is “N2”, and Ketuinbyou is “N3”.

2.Disease Stages

a) P-1:Taiyoubyo: Unbalance between the skin and the colon

Almost all common cold occurs on the basis of the unbalance between the skin and the colon. Why? First, the skin and the colon keep the relative movement, because the surface area of the colon has more than one Tennis Court area; in addition, the skin converts the alimentary tract at the mouse and the anus. This reveals that two points are important as follows: on the one hand, the skin and the colon keep the close relation, on the other hand, the colon has a large surface area compared with the skin. This reveals when the balance between the skin and the colon is destroyed, the body causes common cold because of the unbalance between the skin and the colon.

b) P-2: Syouyoubyo: Unbalance between parenchymal organs and alimental organs

In this period, parenchymal organs, such as the liver and the spleen and so on,  gradually congested with blood. This mechanism, I think, the unbalance between the skin and the colon affected parenchymal organs such as the liver, the spleen and so on. In this period, the patient generally says general fatigue, cough, and so on.

c) P-3: Yomeibyo: Unbalance on the basis of Congestion of Small Intestine

In this period, the alimentary tract, such as the colon and so on,  are gradually congested with blood. Because the alimentary tract and the lungs keep a symmetrical relationship, this relationship often causes Pneumonia and Bronchitis. Especially, if a human body also remains a congesting liver and a spleen, The probability of causing pneumonia seems to be quite high.

3. Summary of Japanese Herbal Medicine
Because Long Covid-19 depends upon the positive stage of Japanese Herbal Medicine, so I do not explain, at this time, the Negative Stage of Japanese Herbal Medicine. In addition to this, although I, as a medical doctor, treat many patients every day, almost all patients belong to the Positive Stage. If you want to recognize deeply Japanese Herbal Medicine, please come to Japan. I will be waiting for your visit to Japan. (^^)

Modern medical science tends to pay attention to an organ too much to notice the importance of the background organs. Although an organ is always related to other organs, modern medical science ignores the fact: the human body is a system consisting of organs. That is, almost all medical doctors tend to pay attention only to the microscopic mechanisms but macroscopic ones. This is the most important weakness of modern medical science.

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