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For Foreigners: Long Covid-19 (3/3)

Because Japanese government ordinance-designated disease likewise tuberculosis, my medical clinic cannot treat Covid-19 until clearing up; however, I can treat a patient infected Covid-19 before the patient is diagnosed Covid-19. Almost all cases indicate the congestion of the liver and the spleen. 

My medical clinic aggressively treats Long Covid-19; this teaches me why the patient suffering from Long Covid-19 shows various symptoms.

1. Medical View of Long Covid-19 by analyzing Japanese Herbal Medicine

When I look at a patient suffering from Long Covid-19, I have felt as follows; almost all patients have congestion of the liver, the spleen, and the small intestine. This phenomenon does not show only Long Covid-19 but ordinary common cold. The difference between Long Covid-19 and common cold depends upon the strength of congestion of organs. Compared with a common cold, Long Covid-19 causes strong congestion of organs, and which causes various aftereffects. 

When a patient is causing Long Covid-19, the patient often has congestion of the liver and the spleen, and small intestine, and so on. After we can treat these congestions, the patient does not suffer from Long Covid-19 moreover. 

2. Medical Treatment
I aggressively use Japanese Herbal medicine for these patients. Although the congestion organs are generally three organs: the liver, the spleen, the small intestine, if you cannot diagnose the strength of the congestion, you cannot also treat Long Covid-19. 

In order to treat the patients, I use Japanese Herbal Medicine containing Saiko(Bupleurum scorzonerifolium), Ouren (Coptis japonica), Sekko(gypsum). If you want to treat Long Covid-19 by using Japanese Herbal Medicine, you need to know the strength of the difference among the liver, the spleen, and the small intestine. Then, you should make as effective as possible.

3. Conclusion
Although it is just a little difficult that you achieve proper focus for the strength of congestion, I do believe that you can do it if you do hope to treat a patient suffering from Long Covid-19. 

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