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For Foreigners: Long Covid-19 (1/3)

I wrote this section for foreign medical doctors, foreign medical researchers, and so on. This purpose is as follows; it is necessary for foreign medical doctors and researchers in order to recognize the basic mechanism causing Long Covid.

This section is divided into three sections as follows. First, I will explain the basic figure of disease. Second, by using the concept of basic Japanese herbal medicine, I will explain the invading process of the common cold. Third, I will explain the theoretical mechanism of Long Covid. This page is “First Section.”

1. The Basic Status of Disease

Before understanding LongCovid, you should recognize the basic status of the disease. This point is important because almost all medical doctors cannot grasp it. So, before I explain the body condition of the Long-Covid, you should recognize a phenomenon generally causing an atom.

Like an atom, a human body generally causes disease on the basis of the unbalance of the organs. All of our bodies are living in the balance between Space and Time. A human body is always controlled by this balance. 

2. Instability of Atom

This phenomenon can be led by the activity of atoms. For example, we will compare Hydrogen and Helium. Hydrogen is made of two protons and one electron, and Helium is made of two protons and two electrons. Comparing Hydrogen and Helium, Helium has stability more than Hydrogen. Why? This means as follows: both Hydrogen and Helium are affected by the balance between Space and Time; in addition; Helium has more stability than Hydrogen like the figure below.

Helium has two protons and two electrons, so this atom is stable in space; on the other hand, Hydrogen has two protons and one electron, so this atom is unstable in space.

3. Instability of A Human Body

(a) Foreground Instability 
Likewise, because our bodies are always controlled by the balance between Space and TIme, the human body causes disease on the basis of the unbalance among its organs. Specifically speaking, the balance among organs must closely be related to the balance between Space and TIme.

If so, how a human body loses the imbalance among organs. The figure below illustrates this mechanism, which means the process of causing Inflammation.
The figure above is a basic model of a system that can reproduce the basic model of a human body. In the figure above left, its stable state indicates a system keeping a good balance among its elements which means organs. On the other hand, in the figure above right, its system loses the balance on basis of Organ-2 that increases its metabolic rate. That is, Organ-2 can be regarded as causing Inflammation. In order to get back a good balance, Organ-2 needs to gather water which cools heat. This phenomenon is a swelling change that is caused by Inflammation.

Although all diseases can be classified into three pathological changes: Inflammation, Degeneration, and Tumor. The explanation of Long Covid needs only the mechanism of Inflammation. So if you want to know the mechanism of Degeneration and Tumor including Cancer, I will explain the theoretical mechanisms. I have already analyzed these three pathological changes.

(b) Background Instability 
Generally speaking, a human body easily causes disease on the basis of its background instability. Almost all medical doctors seem not to know this mechanism.

The figure above explains an important view that an organ causes disease by the background organs. Treating with Japanese herbal medicine, I always pay attention to the focus organ and its background organs.

Like foreground instability, a human body also causes background instability. In the figure above, Organs except Organ-2 decrease their metabolisms, only Organ-2 must look like increasing its metabolic rate, and which means Organ-2 causes Inflammation. In fact, this mechanism causes many diseases by using immunity. Maybe, almost all collagen diseases occur by this mechanism; however, modern medical science does not notice this mechanism, and medical doctors tend to look only at an organ with symptoms. Notice that various diseases occur by the background organs.

4. Summary of Instability of A Human Body
A human body is a system consisting of organs; this reveals that an organ is always related to other organs. Do not look only at an organ with symptoms, look always at an organ and its background organs. Pay attention always to this mechanism, and which plays an important role in causing Long Covid.

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