For Foreign MD 2021.07.14

The status of my clinic site access yesterday is like the above. Although my clinic has been made for Japanese people, many foreign MDs have accessed my site. I am surprised by this tendency. 

The number position of my clinic site access is the below.
1. United States
2. Japan
3. Russian Federation
4. Russian Federation
5. Japan
6. Canada
7. Sweden
8. Switzerland
9. Romania
10. United States

This must indicate that many foreign MDs may be in difficulties with Long COVID-19. I do hope to teach the basic figure of disease for MDs accessing my clinic site. So I am thinking about a better method every day. 

To recognize the thinking method of disease, you should first know the basics of a new view of disease. After you can know it, you will be able also to recognize the theoretical view of Long COVID-19. 

So, I am now thinking to teach it by dividing three steps as follows.
In the first step, I will explain the basic figure of disease.
In the second step, I will explain the basic figure of a common cold.
In the third step, I will explain theoretical viewpoints which lead you to help your MD jobs treating Long COVID-19.

Please give me, at least, one month to write the explanation.
Thank you for accessing my clinic site.

PS: For Japanese 日本の方に
どの様な訳だか? 外国からのアクセスが多い現状が続いています。
兎に角、今は自分の病気への視点を話す必要がありそうです。自分は、まずは世の中が救われることを願っています。このため自分のすべきことをして行きます。世の中を少しでも安心させ前に進ませたいです。日本語のサイトに外国の医療関係者と思われる方のアクセスがあることが異常事態ですので、英語説明のページが多くなることへのご理解をお願いいたします。(また英語書くのかぁ…はぁ💨 溜息出ちゃうよな。)

Mikio Sugi

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